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Sandtrap by EntPack

The Sandtrap network appliance offers un-paralleled features for whitelisting your network egress traffic. If you have ever wondered if there is an easy way to whitelist traffic, from critical systems to end user systems, you owe it to yourself to learn more.

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Protection at the System Level

At the System Level Silent Dune is an Open Source modular firewall manager service for Linux that builds firewall rules based on system configuration and services. Whitelisting traffic at the System Level has never been as easy as this.


EntPack Wiki         Entpack Github


Protection at the Network Level

Built from scratch for a single purpose, to secure your network egress traffic. The Sandtrap is packed with features, that other firewalls only dream about, to protect your network systems from threats such as ransomware and hackers exfiltrating your sensitive information.


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The Silent Dune Open Source firewall manager has two modules IOT developers should know about, Auto Discovery and Remote Config.


These two modules combine to make adding extra security to an IOT device quick and easy. Existing IOT devices can be retrofitted with the Silent Dune Linux firewall manager as well.


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