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    Manage and secure egress traffic at the System level and/or Network level.
    Protection for physical systems, cloud systems, legacy systems or Internet Of Things devices
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    Introducing Silent Dune
    Open Source Firewall Management

Linux Firewall

The primary component of Silent Dune is a new Linux iptables firewall service written in Python.

This new iptables firewall management service is multi-threaded and modular, meaning it can be managed centrally or standalone. Since it is written in python and modular it can be extended in many ways, including integration with existing systems.  

Egress Rules First

Our focus from beginning to end is making network egress rules the first priority.

If you are looking for extra security in your network or cloud system or you need help with HIPAA or PCI compliance, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Silent Dune.

Central Management

Silent Dune also offers a central management platform that extends our Linux firewall service even further.

A UI written in Python and Django that has a full featured iptables rule editor, rule grouping with chains, chain bundling and a feedback loop with system alerts and activity logging.

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