Silent Dune Open Source Vision


The Silent Dune Linux firewall management service is a new and exciting Open Source project that will provide a powerful firewall management system centered around enabling egress network traffic rules with ease.

The most powerful tool in preventing network breaches is the firewall. Hackers rely on network communications for them to be successful once a system has been breached. We believe that only half of the capabilities of a standard firewall are being used. Silent Dune's goal is to lock down egress network traffic and audit that network traffic so even if the hackers gain a foothold, they will fail because no communications will reach them.

Silent Dune Open Source software is comprised of a central web based management server and a client firewall management service. Both the management web service and the service client are written in Python. The client is meant to be modular; this allows innovative modules that further the goal of enabling simple egress rule creation.

Our ultimate goal is to have a workstation where the egress traffic is locked down tight, but a user can still sit down and use it without interuption. We have a lot of ideas on how to accomplish that goal, but for now we are working on building great software and hardware that enables egress traffic management for businesses.


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